Pediatric gastroenterology at Medical Park Goztepe Hospital, Istanbul

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About Medical Park Goztepe Hospital, Istanbul

Medical Park Goztepe Hospital is located on a busy highway on the Anatolian (Eastern) side of Istanbul. This giant complex incorporates three separate but connected hospitals; the General Hospital, Cancer Hospital and Dental Hospital and is the largest private hospital in Turkey providing specialist care in fields from cancer to genetics, from IVF to hair implantation, from heart surgery to plastic surgery. 

Make no mistake: this is a big, busy, professional hospital. Medical Park doesn't try to compete with Memorial in terms of exclusivity, or with Anadolu in terms of tranquility. But it does boast an impressive medical record in fields as complex as organ and bone marrow transplantation and as straightforward as cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation. We were impressed by the dynamic International Patient team who are efficient, keen to help and rightly proud of their hospital. Last but not least, Medical Park is priced very competitively. 

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JCI (2008, 2011)
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Istanbul Atatürk International Airport (33 KM)
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Available room types

Medical Park Hospital provides a variety of choices of different room types to various customers.

VIP room

The VIP room is well furnished with flat screen TV, study table, telephone, and resting area for accompanying family members. The room is very spacious.

We're delighted to introduce you to some of the senior specialists working in this deparment. For full CVs or information about other doctors, please make an enquiry. 

Dr. Esra Kezer

Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty

Turkish, English
Speciality/Clinical Focus
Children's health, children's diseases

Dr. Ayca Nuriye Rose

Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine

Turkish, English
Speciality/Clinical Focus
New-born, Allergy, Pediatric skin diseases, eczema
Professional Membership / Awards / Publication
12 articles published

Dr Pınar Atılkan

Uludag University School of Medicine, M.D.

Turkish, English
Speciality/Clinical Focus
Neonatal diseases, allergy, Healthy child tracking, Immunity, Vaccines, Urinary incontinence, constipation
Professional Membership / Awards / Publication
4 articles in National papers

Op. Dr. Timurcin Unal


Speciality/Clinical Focus
Paediatric Surgery

Pediatric gastroenterology at Medical Park Goztepe Hospital, Istanbul

Pyloric stenosis is a narrowing of the pylorus, the opening from the stomach into the small intestine. The surgery to releive this condition, called pyloroplasty, is done under general anesthesia. 

The surgery involves cutting through some of the thickened muscle to relieve the narrowing (stenosis). The cut through the muscle is then closed horizontally to keep the pylorus open and allow the stomach to empty. When possible, the surgery will be laparoscopic (keyhole) which will greatly shorten recovery time. 

The surgery usually takes 1 - 2 hours.

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