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About Severance Hospital, YUHS, Seoul

Severance Hospital is part of YUHS (Yonsei University Health System) and considered by many to be the founder of modern medical science in Korea with a history dating back 120 years. It is truly a healthcare giant: a vast hospital of 3,700 beds, treating over 4 million patients every year. A proud University Hospital, it is closely associated with Yonsei University and acts as a leader in medical research and training, staying at the cutting edge of technological advances.

Severance covers every aspect of healthcare in its many centers of excellent, such as the Cancer Center, the Rehabilitation Hospital, the Cardiovascular Hospital, the Eye & ENT Hospital, the Diabetes Center and Stroke Intensive Care Unit. Famous across the region, we were not surprised to learn that even Korean presidents choose to be treated here! The choice and luxury of patient rooms is second to none. 

If you are looking for a very large, well-known, University teaching hospital, Severance is unbeatable. Naturally, it won't be the cheapest option!  

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Available room types

Severance Hospital offers different types of rooms to various customers.

VIP Room Type A

The VIP Room Type A is located at the top of the hospital building with a stunning city view. It has huge flat screen TV, resting area with sofas, private toilet and all other utilities that you need.

VIP Room Type B

VIP Room Type B is slightly smaller than Type A but still comes with comfortable facilities such as flat screen TV, sofa, studying area, Internet and telephone.


Based on the belief that cancer will be conquered, the Yonsei Cancer Center, established in 1969, has contributed to preventing cancer and developing new treatment regimes that enhance the effectiveness of treatment in patients with cancer. With the dedication from the medical staffs for the past 35 years, Yonsei Cancer Center has proudly taken the lead in the realm of cancer treatment in Korea. In the field of clinical research, Yonsei Cancer Center is accredited in many academic papers and conferences, locally and internationally. Of the general hospitals in Korea, Yonsei Cancer Center is the first to publish a "Cancer Report". Moreover, Yonsei Cancer Center has conducted clinical trials on drug candidates for stomach cancer under the direct support of NCI/CTEP in the US, and has thereby contributed to the advancement of medical technology. Through this, Yonsei Cancer Center has maintained its leadership in the realm of stomach cancer research in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Spine Care

Neurosurgery is a clinical field of medical examination and surgery for the injuries, tumors, cerebrovascular diseases, functional disorders, and congenital diseases that can occur on the brain and spinal system. The Department of Neurosurgery performs about 1,000 cases of spinal cord operations every year.

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Research in Pediatrics is carried out by each subdivision in various fields such as experimental study on pediatric endocrine diseases including growth impairment and diabetes mellitus in childhood, physiology of Fontan type operation and molecular biology of cardiomyopathy, social influence of academic and athletic achievement in epileptic children, recurrent abdominal pain associated motility disorder and helicobacter pylori infection, underlying pathophysiology of renal disease and trasplanted kidney, therapeutic strategies for prematurity, diagnostic approach of immunologic diseases and Kawasaki syndrome, pathogenesis and treatment of pediatric asthma and atopic dermatitis, and development of new strategies of hematopoietic stem cell transplantations in pediatric cancer patients. In addition, many research projects are carried out in order to have a better grasp of pathogenesis, application of new diagnostic methods using molecular techniques, applicatiion of new diagnostic methods using molecular techniques and treatment modality for rare and incurable diseases.

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The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has played a central role in diagnosing and treating women in Korea. The department pledges to provide the best medical services for every patient with sincerity and kindness. Special emphasis is placed on patients’ convenience such as ensuring that patients receive their diagnosis and treatment on the same day as the check-ups. With their experience and knowledge, the department seeks to provide quick and appropriate medical services based on accurate diagnosis.

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Organ Transplant

The Division of Transplantation Surgery (Manager Yousun Kim) at the Severance Hospital of Yonsei University, since the time of having started kidney transplantation in 1979, has continuously extended its area of organ transplantation to the deceased donor liver transplantation in 1996, kidney-pancreas transplantation in 1996, and living donor liver transplantation in 1996. Currently, our department annually performs 100-120 cases of kidney transplantation, and 30-50 cases of liver transplantation with an accumulated total of 2,500 cases of organ transplantation. As a leading hospital of organ transplantation, we hold a firm foothold domestically and internationally. The Transplantation Center has tried hard to provide convenience to patients on a basis of whole-man treatment approach even after organ transplantations and has obtained good treatment results that can be globally recognized by solving all possible problems at an early stage while providing immediate consultation and early treatment services for all the problem related to health. Aided by such efforts, our hospital was registered as an organ transplantation center on the Clinical Transplants published annually in USA and every year, the number of transplantation cases and scores are reported on this magazine. Likewise, our department is competing with world-famous organ transplantation institutes as a transplantation center of representing Korea. Every year, our department publishes tens of papers on well-known international journals and World Congress of Transplantation in relation to organ transplantation and such efforts are widely recognized as the Division of Transplantation Surgery that represents Korea. The Division of Transplantation Surgery at Severance Hospital will continue to try our best to help patients of suffering from end-stage organ failure have new life and enjoy their life.

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Neurology & Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery is a clinical field of medical examination and surgery for the injuries, tumors, cerebrovascular diseases, functional disorders, and congenital diseases that can occur on the brain and spinal system.

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The Department of Orthopedic Surgery, the first in Korea, was started in 1953 by Byungki Moon and since then, has taken a leading role in the development of orthopedic surgery in Korea. Every year, doctors at the department perform 500 cases of knee surgery and 200 cases of hip surgery. The department also hosts regular international cadaver workshops and live surgery symposiums.

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肿瘤科 Zhong Liu Ke


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儿科 Er Ke


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神经科 Shen Jing Ke


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脊椎科 Ji Zhui Ke


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肠胃科 Chang Wei Ke


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器官移植科 Qiguan Yizhi


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泌尿科 Mi Niao Ke


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减重科 Jian Zhong Ke


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The Division of Cardiovascular Surgery has played a leading role in the surgical treatments of cardiovascular diseases in Korea, with operation success ratios that are comparable with those of world-class hospitals. In order to raise the effectiveness of medical treatment, the Division of Cardiovascular Surgery provides specialized medical services in the areas of adult cardiac surgery, congenital and pediatric cardiac surgery, aorta and peripheral vascular surgery. By introducing advanced surgical techniques, operative risks and recovery time upon completion of an operation have been reduced significantly.

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The Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is the largest of its kind in Korea that hires top-notched medical staffs to provide quality medical services. The clinic is equipped with the latest equipments for surgeries such as correction operation of congenital anomalies, craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, breast reconstruction, head & neck reconstruction, and aesthetic surgery.

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Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss treatments can be found under the family medicine department in Severance Hospital. The Department of Family Medicine provides consistent medical care to patients. It takes full responsibility in the entire stages of patients’ health improvement, health counseling, and medical treatment and prevention of diseases from the beginning to the end. This also includes attending to Obesity issues.

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Seoul severance hospital offers a range of different healthscreening packages to potential customers.

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The Division of Gastroenterology at the Severance Hospital of Yonsei University is run by joining advanced medical science with the best professionalism in Korea. As for a clinic, our division has been evaluated as the best division of gastroenterology from the comparative evaluation for the respective clinical subjects in Korea.

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Urology and Renal Care

In the trend of modern aging society, the areas of prostate disease, urologic oncology, voiding dysfunction and female urological disease come to the front. These diseases need to be focused on keeping up and recovering functions of patients upon an operation in relation to the quality of life as well as the importance of medical therapy itself. The Department of Urology, on the edges of advanced medical technology that is constantly changing day by day, exerts all out efforts to provide best medical services while considering accurate diagnosis and therapy and quality of life upon completion of medical therapy; using various minimally invasive surgeries, up-to-dated operating methods and advanced operating technology of using robots.

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