Gangnam Severance Hospital, YUHS, Seoul

About Gangnam Severance Hospital, YUHS, Seoul

We're proud to be working with the two Severance Hospitals in Seoul, both of them centres of international healthcare excellence sharing a tradition of academic excellence.

Severance Gangnam is part of YUHS (Yonsei University Health System) and the smaller of the two Severance Hospitals, although is itself large by international standards with over 800 beds. Set in Gangnam, Seoul's ultra-hip fashion disctrict, the hospital is an imposing campus operating 36 divisions including 3 specialist hospitals (CancerHospital, Spine Hospital, and Dental Hospital) and 3 institutes (The Institute of Logopedics and Phoniatrics, Rehabilitation Institute of Muscular Diseases,and TheSpine and Spinal Cord Institute). 

During our last visit, our impression was of a bustling, executive-level hospital, enjoying a prime location and able to deliver a more peronalised service than its "big sister" across the river. 

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JCI (2010)
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Available room types

Gangnam Severance Hospital offers a wide choice of different room types to various patients.

VIP Room

The VIP Room is attached by a living room. The whole suite is equipped with study area, flat screen TV, private toilet, sofa and centralized air-conditioning.

Private Room

Private Room is equipped with private toilet, flat screen TV, coffee table and a sofa for the accompanying family members to rest.


Department of Oncology performs anti-cancer treatment for patients. In order to provide new medical treatment along with new medicines such as Glivec and, the Department of Oncology is carrying out various clinical tests in relation to breast cancer, colorectal cancer, gastric cancer and lung cancer. In addition to prescribing anti-cancer medicine to patients, the Department of Oncology provides consultation services to newly visiting patients for the diagnosis and prevention of cancer. When surgical operation or radiological treatment is needed, the Department of Oncology together with the departments of surgery and radiation oncology tries to finds the most effective therapy in treating cancer.

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Spine Care

Gangnam Severance Hospital built its first Neurosurgery Spinal Center in Korea, 1991. In 1993, it introduced the first injection treatment, chymopapain, one of themicro-invasive spine surgeries. It contributed to the spinal field by performing artificial disc surgery, endoscopic spinal disc surgery, and spondylosyndesis in Korea. A sub-institute for chiropractic performs basic researches as well as other various studies on spinal surgical instruments and development of special materials. 6 spinal neurosurgery specialists attend meetings every morning to make plans for each patient’s treatment and surgery. Spinal Neurosurgery of Spinal Hospital does its best to perform the most suitable treatment for each patient.

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Gangnam Severance Hospital Pediatrics cares for new born babies (less than 1 month old), premature babies (less than 36 weeks gestational age), infants (less than 1 year old), school age children, and adolescents (until 18 years old). The division manages their developments, offers prevention of diseases through vaccination, and various treatments for many diseases. Special clinics for each disease and treatment systems for emergency and critical patients are well in place. Professors, full-timers, majors, nurses, and nutritionists of Gangnam Severance Hospital Pediatrics built diverse cooperation systems with Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Urology, Pediatric Ophthalmology, and Pediatric Radiology to offer the best and fastest treatment.

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Gangnam Severance Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology helps mothers to adjust environmental changes during their pregnancy. There are several divisions such as obstetrics, reproduction, infertility, cancer, and gynecology. Yonsei University Obstetrics and Gynecology class has the history and tradition of Korean Obstetrics and Gynecology since 1886. The division manages high risk pregnancy, performed deformed tests ,offer inflammation managements, performlaparoscopic and robotic surgeries, care menopausal hormone, and treat cancers. Some medical services are also developed by new drug investigations.

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Neurology & Neurosurgery

Gangnam Severance Hospital Neurology was constituted in July 1984 and started to operateEEG (electroencephalography) laboratory and the electroneurophsiologic laboratory. In addition to outpatient and inpatient treatments, it also conducts many neurological researches. Gangnam Severance Hospital Neurology operates many special clinics such as Parkinson's disease Clinic and The Movement Disorders Clinic.

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Gangnam Severance Hospital’s Orthopedic division is one of the medical divisions which cares, conserves, and restores the forms and functions of limbs, spine, and appendages in medical, surgical, and physical methods. Gangnam Severance Hospital Orthopedics employs the best professionals to care various diseases of limbs and spine..

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肿瘤科 Zhong Liu Ke


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儿科 Er Ke


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神经科 Shen Jing Ke


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脊椎科 Ji Zhui Ke

医院脊椎神经外科中心于1991年建成,部门的特色治疗包括人工椎间盘手术,内窥镜椎间盘手术,和 spondylosyndesis。

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泌尿科 Mi Niao Ke


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减重科 Jian Zhong Ke


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Gangnam Severance Hospital Cardiology has in depth knowledge of heart diseases and offers the fastest and the most perfect treatments. Also, it offers the best medical service for cardiovascular disease patients through the latest skills and methods. It has several clinics such as Hypertension and Congestive Heart Failure Clinic, Ischemic Heart Disease Clinic which for angina and myocardial infarction treatments, Arrhythmia Clinic, Peripheral Vascular Disease Clinic, and Hyperlipidemia and Metabolic Syndrome Clinic. Treatment for cardiovascular disease is important as well as prevention. Additionally, if the disease has already occurred, the secondary prevention against the recurrence is important. The division tries to perform aggressive treatments, not a conservative one so that it concerns preventions as well as treatments.

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Gangnam Severance Hospital Plastic Surgery offers treatments for congenital anomalies and trauma patients in addition to beauty treatments. Face-lifting Clinic, Facial-bone Clinic (for correction of disharmonies) and Breast Clinic (for reconstruction after mastectomy, and enlarge or reduce breasts for beauty) have the highest level of clinical experiences. Having a close relationship with the Gangnam Severance Hospital Trauma Center, non-invasive surgery with high-tech robots has been performed since 2007 at Micro-surgery Clinic for soft-tissue and limbs reconstruction of trauma patients. Gangnam Severance Hospital Plastic Surgery employs excellent professors, majors, and nurses to care various patients.They do their best to perform the best surgeries through the wealth of experiences and current knowledge.

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Weight Loss Surgery

Gangnam Severance hospital offers treatment for obesity mainly through laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery.

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Gangnam Severance hospital offers a wide range of different healthscreen packages for different patients.

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Gangnam Severance Hospital Ophthalmology performs the best treatments, researches, academic activities, and education. It offers accurate and professional treatments at several sub-clinics such as Cataract and IOL(intra-ocular lens) Clinic, Glaucoma Clinic, Retina and Uveal Clinic, Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Clinic, Laser Refractive Surgery Clinic, Anterior segment and Keratoplasty Clinic, and Low Vision Rehabilitation Clinic. Professionals of each division strive for medical excellence and to achieve the highest satisfaction from patients.

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Urology and Renal Care

Subspecialties of Gangnam Severance Hospital Urology such as Urological Oncology, Urolithiasis, Internal Urology, Pediatric Urology, Neurourology, Female Urology, Dysuresia, and Male Medicine, have their own medical professional teams to offer you the best treatments. Gangnam Severance Hospital Urology orients the one-stop service, tries its best for the best treatments by performing minimal invasive surgeries and high-tech robotic surgeries.

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